Volunteer at Brighton Fringe Festival 2011

We are looking for volunteers to join us on Hove seafront this May. As part of the Brighton Fringe Festival 2011, i leave my mark will be opening the doors of its beach hut installation every weekend to collect donations and finger prints in support of local children’s charities.  We will also be providing children’s activities on the beach.

Why not give a little of your time to be part of this fun and interactive installation, creating one of the worlds largest collections of fingerprints, and make a difference to the lives of children?  Get in touch to donate, create and make a difference!

We are also looking for a creative team of volunteers to dress the beach hut, display the prints and … we need to source some giant finger and thumb costumes!  Wearer’s also needed!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Donate, create and make a difference