The Team

Anne French

Anne FrenchI graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 2001 with an MSc in Chiropractic. Being fully qualified, I am registered with the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the College of Chiropractors and the British Chiropractic Association.

I opened Coast 6 years ago with the intention of offering patients high standard, alternative health care and information in a friendly and professional environment from highly qualified practitioners. Based on patient’s comments, I can confidently state that we have succeeded to date but we are always looking for ways to enhance what we do.

As a Chiropractor I treat complaints such as back pain using a combination of treatments suited to each person’s needs which may involve Chiropractic, mobilization, soft tissue work, nutritional advice and a branch of Chiropractic treatment called Applied Kinesiology. This approach results not only in the relief of pain and discomfort but offers people the opportunity to take an active role to control their health and improve their lifestyle.

My true passion is to strive to optimise my patients health and wellbeing by inspiring a patient to make tiny lifestyle changes that can have an immensely, positive impact on their health.


Steve Counsell

Steve CounselI left school at 16 and started work in the printing industry, a really messy job with ink and really bad chemicals with complicated names like “Methyl Ethel Ketone” or M E K as we called it. I spent quite a few years in the industry and moved through the various aspects of the printing trades including film and darkroom work and desktop publishing ending up with my own small printing business run from my home in Sussex. The recession hit and I lost too many customers to it so had to move back into employment which was a really tough time.

Being really interested in technology and Apple Macs I got involved with the Government Report on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link from London to Kent run by Southern Railways in Croydon. This gave me a great grounding in project Management and I quickly moved on to Nestlé Head Office in Croydon and worked on many projects in their manufacturing plants around the UK. Most of these projects had a basis in cutting edge technology and was a really exciting time in my career. Inevitably Nestlé downsized and I had to move on to pastures new and after period as a contract project manager in the technology arena I set up my own business (eventually called) Segment Marketing and now offer a range of services to small business including WordPress websites, Search Marketing (SEO), database construction, Small Office Networking and general IT consultancy. Along side all that I just love to do public speaking and am a member of the Brighton and Hove Speakers Club.


Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch

My good friend and ‘help me I need i leave my mark advice’ chum Pete has been a really source of ideas and hugely supportive with setting up the campaign to get it to where it is now.

He is a natural creator, having run his own companies, including a design business, football fanzine, and web arts company.   Pete is the eye behind our stunning logo and the flyers that you will be seeing around Brighton and Hove for the forthcoming Fringe Festival.

He his the loving father to three beautiful girls, Molly, Jess and Nel, and currently teachers film and media in Liverpool.  Thank you for everything, you star!



Molly Lynch

Molly, pictured here with her sisters Jessy and  Nel, helped to design the i leave my mark logo round the kitchen table whilst we advised her dad on what looked best.  Obviously girls always do know … well in some cases.

Molly, Jessy and Nel’s fingerprints will be in the collection showcased for the first time in May, and have been an inspiration behind the campaign.