i leave my mark
is a simple and effective way to fundraise in schools. More importantly it supports the very people IN schools, and many who are not in school because they experienced something that had a devastating impact on their socialization and wellbeing.

Fundraising can be combined with lesson planning, as part of ‘Every Child Matters’, and many charities have schemes and lesson suggestions available.

Well, what to create from all those fingers and thumbs I hear you say?  You can completely freestyle and let the children, teenagers and art teacher blossom with creativity and artistic flair. Alternatively, we can provide some suggestions, or some of our outlined hearts, one for each year or classroom.  Click here to see how it looked when The Mount in Crosby, Liverpool, left their marks

Whatever you decide to do, however and whenever you do it, its simple – donate £1 and every child leaves their mark.  Easy!

If your in Sussex you may choose to fundraise for the six charities we are supporting for the Brighton Fringe Festival, or one of them. If your based elsewhere in the UK, some of these charites work nationally and may have projects based near to you. Wherever you are geographically you can also choose your own charity.  All we ask is that you shout out loud and tell everyone, including us, how much you have raised, and send us your ‘marks’ to include in the collection to help build awareness for such a good cause.  The collection will be revealed in its infancy for the first time on 29th May as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, why not be part of it?!

Every penny you fundraise goes directly to charity.  By fundraising with i leave my mark you are helping to increase awareness of the importance of getting support to children when it matters – to help them in living a fulfilled and expressed life as a child, an adult, in their relationships and society.

One child in every classroom in the UK has lost a parent or sibling
(Winston’s Wish)
170,000 are at home from school today for fear of being bullied
(Beat Bullying)
One in five children aged 11-17 have been severely maltreated
10% of young people say they hate leaving the house in the morning because of problems at school, and 5% say they hate coming back from school because of problems at home
(NSPCC 2004)