Leave Your Mark On A Heart

The ’Leave your Mark on A Heart’ campaign is now under way, with cute little hearts spreading love across Sussex, and nationally too, to raise community donations for our supported charities.  We designed the campaign for businesses, friends, families or any group of people so we can all get involved and together give significant support.

Its so easy – by donating £1 you’ll be leaving your mark on a child’s heart and supporting them in loving their life. Together we can make a real difference.

All hearts will be included in the collection and displayed at the end of the May Festivals in Brighton as a representation of our community’s commitment to the future of our children.

Simply send us an email with the subject as ‘Leave your mark on a heart’ and we will send you a heart to fill in with your marks.  Simply donate a £1, leave your marks and put your donation through Just Giving as your group/company name.  It will be displayed at the end of May as part of Brighton Fringe Festival – i leave my mark:  The Collection.