Protective Behaviours

Core Protective Behaviours methodology is based on the Two Themes and Seven Strategies of Protective Behaviours.

The Two Themes are:

1. We all have the right to feel safe all the time

2. There is nothing so awful we can’t talk about it with someone

The Seven Strategies are:

1) PB Theme Reinforcement – Use of ways to reinforce the two themes verbally, visually and in particular, by example

2) Network Review – checks and updates to ensure support networks are available and meet needs & requirements

3) One Step Removed – use of a ‘third person’ approach to problem solving, to seek assistance or to check out someone’s ideas before making a disclosure. This might include role play, videos or asking for help for another person

4) Protective Interrupting – any action that is taken to interrupt or halt any potential or actual unsafe situation, e.g. saying ‘no’ when someone is trying to make us do something we feel is wrong

5) Persistence – to persist in seeking help until we feel safe again. This includes persistence to seek help again if stressors return

6) Risking On Purpose (ROP) – actions where we deliberately choose to take a risk when the outcome may be what we want or need, e.g. going for a job interview or negotiating a pay rise. Saying ‘no’ may also involve ROP

7) The Language of Safety – This is the most important strategy to hold all the Protective Behaviours elements together. It means re-framing our language into an empowering, non-victimising and non-violent format that is consistent with the PB’s process. It acknowledges that language is a powerful tool in forming and maintaining a positive self-image and that this has a direct impact on our responsibility towards others when respecting their right to feel safe. E.g. This is the difference between ‘political correctness’, when an individual does not need to believe in what they are saying and a PB language where we know that racist words are never acceptable because someone is likely to feel unsafe if we use such language & that we are not observing our responsibility to other people’s right to feel safe.

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