At i leave my mark we are passionate about every child having the right to receive love and support.  When something traumatic happens, the way children experience the world can change, often forever.  Without support or expression, strong feelings and emotions can seriously impair a child’s emotional development.  These unresolved feelings may be carried in to adulthood, often having an impact on personal relationships, family and working life.

The aim of i leave my mark is to raise money for local and national charities that have the expertise and experience to provide specialist care in working with childhood trauma. This includes accident, abuse, the loss of a parent of sibling, drugs/alcohol in the family, serious/life-limiting illness and bullying.

The principle behind i leave my mark is simple.  Donate £1 and leave your mark … that being your finger print.  We aim to collect one of the world’s largest collections of finger prints as a statement of our commitment to the future of our children.  Obviously you don’t need to leave your finger print to donate, and you can donate more than a £1! There are no rules  - apart from every penny goes directly to charity!

How can I donate

However you choose to donate, with i leave my mark every penny goes to charity.  i leave my mark has been created solely by the generosity of the businesses and individuals involved so we can give 100% of your donation to children’s charities.

On A Personal Note

“I distinctly remember the day it happened, the day my dad died.  I had lost my mum seven years earlier when I was nine years old.  I suddenly felt different inside, like something cut off.  You know that magic quality that children have when they play?  Like you’re lost in the moment with joy and lightness?  From that time onwards I could only ever capture that magic occasionally; when I felt safe.  I have since come to understand that this is one of many common feelings that children have following a traumatic experience”

“Earlier this year I looked at the things that really mattered in my life, and those special things that made me feel alive.  I realised that I wanted to make a difference somehow, to support other children that had also faced trauma in their lives.  There are so many remarkably skilled professionals out there dedicated to helping these children and I wanted to connect with them”

And so i leave my mark was born!  A ‘from nothing’ project, all those involved are donating their time, skills and smiles to make a difference to the lives of children, in this fun, colourful community initiative.  The generosity, support and kindness we have received has been outstanding; individuals and businesses doing something truely remarkable to make a difference to children’s futures.  Thank You!


We invite you to take a look at our Sponsors & Support page and check out how to get involved as a businessor volunteer.